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Is Newell Fox University For Me?

“They told me I would hear back in a few days, and it’s been a week.
What do I do?”

“I thought I nailed that interview, but I didn’t get the job.
What happened?”

“I sent out my resume to tons companies, but I haven’t heard back from any of them.
What am I doing wrong?”

“How do I even begin to answer those tricky interview questions?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions,
Newell Fox University is for you.

Whether you’re just starting your job search or you’re preparing for an upcoming interview, Newell Fox University will change the way you interview and help you stand out from the rest.

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The Course

In this premier course, you’ll learn Newell Fox’s secrets to getting an interview, impressing hiring managers, and landing your dream job. 

With 8 lessons and 11 highly coveted Pro-Tips, this course will teach you everything from starting your job search to securing a signing bonus.

Throughout the course, we’ll cover:

  • Strategizing your job search
  • What employers are really looking for
  • How to answer those tricky questions
  • Questions to ask your interviewee
  • How to leave a lasting impression
  • The secret to phone interviews
  • How to best close an interview
  • And all of Newell Fox’s interviewing tips and tricks!

Newell Fox University

With over 16 years experience in entrepreneurship, management, and interview coaching, Newell Fox is here to help you dominate your interviews. A University of Florida graduate, Newell Fox started where you are today - a college student in desperate need of a job. After founding his own luxury retail business, he discovered a passion for teaching students the ins-and-outs of successful interviewing.

On top of running his own business, he currently works as an adjunct professor at UF and has helped thousands of students land their dream job, and now, he’s giving his expertise to you. With Newell Fox University, Newell Fox himself will walk you through every step of the interview process, providing invaluable tips and industry secrets along the way.